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GerryDunn, Tools & Gunsmithing        

    1 person cottage industry

Employment:   1.0

For information contact:
    Dunn, Gerry R.
    919 8th Ave NW
    Great Falls, MT  59404-2329
    Phone: 406-453-1149
    Fax: 406-453-1149

Bullet pullers
Gunstock services, except finishing
Sporting goods, wood
Tools for gunstock crafting
Specialty Wood products
Sporting Goods

Processes and Equipment
band saw, small
Chamber and fit new rifle barrels
Drill press
General gun repair
Heat Treating oven
Metal lathe
Mfgr wood stock working tools
Rifle Action Blue-printing
Vertical Milling machine

Primary Industry:  Manufacturing
Manufacturing Classification:  Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing - made from wood
      classifications codes:    NAICS  339920