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Equipment and Processes of Montana Manufacturers

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Equipment and Processes

10 ton overhead crane
  100 acre lot with 70 acres for module assembly
  100ft Sign crane truck
  12 in. Molder
  14-turbine IBT blasting machine
  20 jib crane welding stations
  21-Plate Column Stillworks
  25 ton over head cranes
  30 ft oven for large items
  30 yr. warranty on the finish
  3D Printing
  40ft & 55ft service truck
  4ft roller
  4ft shearer
  4th Axis CNC Machines
  5 Axis CNC Machining
  5 types of bluing
  5ft metal brake
  6 by 12 6-head moulder
  76ft Remote sign crane truck
  8 foot lathes
  8 punch presses


  a little welding
  a lot of handwork
  abrasive water jet cutter
  Accutaper Semi Automatic Tapping Machine
  acetylene torch
  air clamping
  all computer driven
  all hand work to the customers choice of design for everything from silhouettes to coat hangers
  aluminum extrusions
  Aluminum Welding
  Amada 14 foot 240 ton 8 Axis Press Brake
  Anodizeing Equiptment
  Apex Parametrics Max-Min II EM induction system
  Arburg injection molding
  Arc Welding (SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW)
  Arc Welding (SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW)
  Arch moulders
  arching machines
  Artos CS33 Dual End Wire Processing System
  assemble and calibrate the blenders
  assembly ( metal)
  assembly (metal)
  assembly by hand
  attach plastic buckles and straps
  AutoCad 2006
  automated assembly
  Automated carving equipment
  automated equipment
  automatic gluing wand for dowels
  automatic lathes
  automotive manufacturing facility
  aviation fabrication
  Awning manufacture equipment
  AWS welding Teams
  axi line weld


  Bagging equipment
  bake oven
  baking oven
  balance Shaft Master
  balancing and alignment
  Band saw
  band saw, small
  band saws
  Bandsaw Equipment
  barrel making operation
  basic fabrication steel shop
  bead blaster
  Beam & Arch Glue Line
  Beam saw
  Beam saws
  belt grinders
  Belt sander
  bench grinder
  bending equipment
  bending machine
  bending metal
  bent and shaped then welded to the frame of the vehicle
  biscut & dowel
  Blister Packaging Machine
  Blum hinge machine
  bonded pressfit
  boring equipment
  boring machine
  boyar-Schultz grinders
  Brengandi wire weaving machine
  Bridge Fabrication
  Bridgeport machining center
  burn tables
  burning steel


  Cabinet saw
  cable and fittings are pressed together to make slings and lifting straps
  Cable Assembly
  CAD modeling
  cam operated screw machines
  Carving and engraving
  Casting consultation
  catalytic reforming
  centerless grinder
  Chain saw
  chain saws
  Chamber and fit new rifle barrels
  Chemical reactions
  Chipping Equipment
  Cholchester 1600 Mascott Turning Lathe
  Chop saw
  Chop saws
  Cincinnati/Milacron 1998 Faclon CNC Turning Center
  Cincinnati/Milacron 1998 Falcon CNC Turning Center
  Circle saws
  Circlesaw Equipment
  Circuit Card Assembly
  Circular hand saws
  Circular saw
  circular saws
  Clark Precision Gap Bed Lathe
  Clark Variable Speed Vertical Knee Mill
  Clay saw
  clean rooms
  cleanroom assembly
  Cleanroom packaging
  CNC abrasive waterjet cutting
  CNC EDM Sodick
  CNC equipment
  CNC Lathe
  CNC lathes
  CNC machine
  CNC Machines
  CNC machining
  CNC machining center
  CNC machining centers
  CNC metal forming
  CNC metal lathe
  CNC mill
  CNC milling
  CNC milling machine
  CNC Milling Machines
  CNC mills
  CNC Plasma Cutter
  CNC plasma cutting
  CNC Plasma torch
  CNC router
  CNC routers
  CNC spin cast technology
  CNC turning
  CNC Vertical Machinging Center - 4 -
  CNC Vertical Machining Center -4-
  CO2 CBD Oil Extraction
  coal forge
  Commercial Fabrication
  complete automotive and machine shop services
  complete machine shop
  Component saw
  component saws
  composite work
  compression molding of laminated rubber seals
  computer assisted desigh (CAD)
  computer numerically controlled machine shop (CNC)
  computer saws
  computer with laser printers
  computerized acetylene & plasma cutters
  Computerized CNC
  computerized engraver
  computerized engravers
  computerized engraving for large items
  computerized plasma cutter
  Connection Design
  contact adhesive gluing
  contact cement for laminents
  Contract Manufacturing
  Controlled environment
  conventional machining equipment
  counter bores
  crank grinding
  crank shaft grinders
  crank shaft grinding
  Cross-cut saw
  curve generation
  custom built for the application
  custom carding
  custom color sublimation
  custom components
  custom cutting
  custom design
  custom designed for the vehicle
  custom engineering
  custom logos
  custom molds and impressions
  custom processing
  custom stocks
  custom vertical pivot
  cut materials
  cut plates
  cut to size
  cut tubing
  cutoff saws
  cutting stainless steel tubing
  cutting torches
  CWB Welding teams
  cylinder block resizing
  cylinder boring
  cylinder head repair


  dark room
  Data Aquisition Systems
  Deep drawing
  deep hole driller
  design and build the tooling that makes the stampings
  Design Assist
  Design Build
  design for manufacturing
  die cutting of gaskets
  Die grinder
  different types of torches
  digitize logos
  Dip treating
  Distribution Center
  Dodge 12' delivery truck/liftgate
  Door clamp gluing
  Door sizer
  Double ended tenonor
  double sided polishing
  Dougle ended tenonor
  Dowel inserter
  Dowel Mill
  Doweler from 2"-8"
  doweling/rounding machine
  Dremel tools
  drill holes
  drill press
  drill presses
  drilling machine
  drive line service
  drop shipping
  drum sander
  Dry Mustard Milling
  Duplicating lathe
  dyna balancer


  Eastman M900 cutting machine
  Edge bander
  Edge banding
  Edge bending
  Edge gluing
  edge sander
  EDM Machine
  elbow grease
  Electrical methods for geophysical surveys
  electromagnetic methods
  Electronic Assembly
  electronics finishing equipment
  Electronics testing equipment
  Electrovert Wave Solder
  End gluing
  End milling machine
  engine lathe
  engine reboring
  Engineering & Design
  Equalizer saws
  ethylene oxide sterialization
  extrusion design


  fabricate components
  Fabrication plant
  face gluing
  facebond gluing
  fiberglass components
  final assembly
  Final assembly and testing
  Finger jointing
  flange raw material
  Flap sander
  flat laminating
  Flood coater
  Floor press
  Flow Abrasive Waterjet
  forming equipment
  full machine shop
  full testing
  Fully equipped cabinet shop
  functional testing


  gang saw
  Gang saws
  gas sterialization
  GEM GSM-19TG Proton Precession Magnetometer/Gradiometer
  GEM GSM-19W Overhauser Walking Magnetometer
  General gun repair
  general machine shop
  general machining
  glass cutter
  glass cutters
  glass vinyl glazing beads
  Glue spreader
  gravity methods
  Green Chemistry
  green sand foundry
  Grinding machine
  grinding room
  Grooving equipment
  ground penetrating radar


  Haas DT-1
  Haas ST-10
  Haas vertical machining center
  hand assembled
  hand braiding
  hand castings
  hand drawn - no computers
  hand grinders
  hand grinding and finishing
  hand polished
  hand rubbing
  hand sander
  Hand saws
  Hand soldering
  hand tempering using water and oil
  hand tools
  handwork of wood
  Hardinge CNC lathes
  Harness Assembly
  head and block resurfacing
  heat treat equipment
  heat treat furnace
  heat treating
  Heat Treating oven
  heating and bending
  heavy duty metal machining
  heavy machine fabrication
  High speed Filling and packaging
  High Speed Labeling
  hole punch
  honing machines
  Horizontal band saw
  Horizontal beam saw
  Horizontal boring machine
  horizontal lathe testers
  Hot glue gun
  hot stamping
  HVLP Waterborne finish
  Hyd Mech S 20 Band saw
  hydraulic bender - threaded or unthreaded
  Hydraulic Press
  hydraulic presses
  hydraulic tools


  In-line rip saw
  individual box build
  Indoor blast and paint shop
  Industrial Fabrication
  Industrial fireproofing
  industrial panel construction
  Industrial sewing machine
  injection molding presses
  inline ripsaw
  installation and wiring
  insulation cutting machine
  iron bending
  iron cutters
  iron workers
  iron working
  ISO 9000


  Jib cranes
  Jig Grinder
  Jig saws
  jigs for assembly
  Jump saws




  labor line of welders
  LaCoste and Romberg model G gravimeter
  lagun CNC mill
  laminated bending
  laminating processes
  lamination with resins and carbon, fiberglass and nylons
  LaPointe broach
  Large format Ink-jet printers
  Large format Laminator
  Large format Printer
  Large Indoor preparation and blast area
  Large router
  Large sand blast equipment
  large supply of hydraulic component materials
  Laser coding of batch codes
  laser cut
  laser cutting
  Laser Cutting Services
  laser engraver
  Laser Engraving
  Laser Marking
  Laser Welding (Pulsed NdYAG)
  lath equipment
  leather cup molding
  letterpress printing
  light metal fabrication
  line boring
  Line boring machine
  liquid coating
  lockformer machine


  Machine Drilling
  Machine milling
  machine shop
  machine shop and tools
  machine shop equipment
  machine shop processes
  machine that makes rubber stamps
  machine tools
  Machine turning
  machine work
  Machining equipment
  machining of aluminum parts
  machining operations
  machining processes
  machining/cutting from CAD
  magniflux inspection
  Major Equipment
  make impression from plaster
  make stained glass windows
  manual assembly
  manual engraving for small items
  manual labor
  Manual Lathes
  Manual machine tools
  manual machines
  Manual Mills
  manufacturing machine shop
  manufacturing mainly electrical contacts for computer/medical and telecommunications industries
  mat cutter
  may rent crane to set tresses
  Mechanized and Robotic Welding
  media blasting
  metal bending
  Metal Brake
  metal casting
  metal cutting
  metal fabrication
  metal fabricator
  Metal lathe
  Metal Machining
  Metal Rolling
  Metal Saw
  metal shears
  metal spray welding
  metal turning machines
  Mfgr wood stock working tools
  Micrsoft Access and SQL Database Options
  mig and tig welding
  mig welding
  Mighter saw
  mill and shaper work
  milling centers
  milling equipment
  milling machine
  milling machines
  milling work
  Millwork Shop
  miscellaneous hand tools
  Mitre saw
  Module Manufacturing
  Moisture Meters
  molding and dispersion technology
  Molding equipment
  Molex crimpers and crimping presses
  Morbark Peeler
  Morticing machine
  Mortise cutter
  mostly oxyacetylene welding
  MRP software Controlled
  Multi-head saw
  Multiple spindle gang drill


  Nail guns
  Nailing equipment
  new vehicle design & engineering
  Niagara Shear
  no servicing
  no welding


  OD grinding
  offset lithography
  Oilseed Crushing
  old equipment for the old stuff
  Omax Water Jet Maching Center
  on sight bending of flashing
  On-site consulting
  Optalign laser IRD computer balancing
  optical comparator
  Other custom shaping hand tools
  other tools
  outsource assembly and packaging
  outsource large parts runs
  Overhead saw
  Overlay Welding


  packaging and shipping
  packaging equipment
  pad printer
  Paint booth
  Paint line
  Pallet recycler
  Panel gluing
  Panel router
  Panel saw
  panel saws
  Panel sizing
  Paralign seam system
  part manufacturing
  Particle core construction
  pattern cutting
  pattern cutting from templates
  Peeler (Debarker) Machine
  Peeling machine
  pin rotor
  pipe bender
  Pittsburgh welders
  plasma arc cutting
  Plasma Cutter
  plasma cutting
  plasma cutting.
  plastic impulse feeder
  plastic injection molding
  Plastic laminate
  Plastic laminating
  plastic vacuum forming
  plate rollers
  plate shears
  Pneumatic nailer
  polishing machines
  Portable Sand Blast Equipment
  portable service lathe
  Post Peelers
  Post pointer
  Post sander
  powder coated
  powder coating
  Power and handcarving specified tools
  power tools
  Power washer
  Power woodworking tools
  Pratt-Whitney deep hole drills
  Precision Inspection Equipment
  precision sharpened
  Press Brake
  Press Brakes
  Press for truss plates
  Pressure treating
  produce duct work
  Product design/development
  propane gas and nickel penetrate salt - a coating process
  proprietary crystal growth technology
  prototype development
  Pulse MIG Welding
  punch presses
  punches (hole)
  push line


  QC Equipment


  Radial arm
  radial arm saw
  Radial arm saws
  Radial saw
  Radio frequency curing
  recharge fire extinguishers
  remanufactured heads
  Resaw Equipment
  Resistance Welding (Spot)
  retail iron sales
  rewind or reconditioning
  rewind shop
  Rifle Action Blue-printing
  rifling machine
  Rip saw
  Rip saws
  rivet gun
  Robotic Welder
  rod reconditioning
  rod resizing
  roll forming to any length - max width 20 inches down to 12 min
  roof truss machine
  rotary engraver
  Rotary sander
  round sander
  Rounding (Dowel) Machine
  Rounding Machine
  rubber molding
  rubber plaster mold


  Sand blaster and compressor
  Sand Cabinet
  sandblasting cabinet
  sanders polishers
  Sanding equipment
  Saw King Variable Speed Band Saw
  Scandinavian Full Scribe
  Schleuniger OmniStrip 9400 Wire/Cable - Cut/Strip machine
  scroll & band saws
  scroll saw
  scroll saws
  sealant application
  seam welders
  seismic methods
  semi automatic welding equipment
  Semi trucks
  Seven 27-to overhead cranes
  sewing machine
  sewing machines
  Sheet metal
  sheet metal brake
  sheet metal brakes
  sheet metal forming
  sheet metal slitter
  shielded metal-arc welding
  shoe work
  Shop Equipment / sheet metal / welders etc
  shop equipment/ sheet metal/ welders etc
  Shrink wrap packaging
  silicon slicing
  single sided polishing
  Single-ended tenonor
  Siphon Feed Bead Blaster and Vibratory Deburr/Polishing Unit
  skidster with auger to dig holes and set tresses
  Skill saw
  Skill saws
  Slab chipper
  sliding arm saws
  Sliding compound mitre saw
  Sliding table
  Sliding table saw
  small hand glue spreader
  SMT equipment
  soldering irons
  Solid surface certification
  special grinders
  Spindle shaper
  Splitter Saw
  spot welders
  Spray booth
  spray welding
  stainless steel fabrication
  stamping & presses
  stamping press
  stamping shop
  stand blast booth
  standard fabrication shop
  standard woodworking tools
  Stapling equipment
  State of the art powder application
  Steel fabrication
  steel product formed welders
  straight line rip saw
  stripping oven
  stroke sander
  Structural finger jointing
  Subarc Welding
  Submerged arc
  surface grinde
  surface grinder
  Surface Grinders
  surface grinding
  Surface mount equipment
  surgace grinding
  surplus tanks
  Swing Blade Circle Sawmill
  Swiss Lathe


  table press
  Table saw
  Table saws
  Tenon cutter machine
  Tenon machine
  Tension Tester
  threading equipment
  through hole circuit boards
  TIG & MIG welder
  TIG & MIG Welders
  Tig & MIG Welding
  TIG Welding
  TIG, MIG, Stick, Poly welding
  TIG, MIG,Stick, Poly welding
  Timber Planer
  Time saver sanders, 42 in. wide
  tip tank
  tool & die
  toolroom lathe
  torch cutting
  Traditional Chink Style methods
  traveling head press
  Trim saws
  Trimble 5700 centimeter level accuracy eRTK GPS base/rover pair
  truss press
  tumble deburr machine
  Tumbling equipment
  Tumbling equiptment


  Under Pinners
  Unihydro 66 ton Iron Worker
  up cut jump saw
  Upcut saw
  UV Printer


  vacume forming of plastics and foams over plaster molds
  Vacuum forming plastics
  Vacuum press
  valve grinding
  valve work
  various routers
  veneer press
  Vertical boring machine
  vertical gradient magnetics
  Vertical Milling Machine
  very large steel presses
  vibratory finishing
  vinyl lettering
  Vinyl Plotters
  virtual Gibbs solid works drawing program


  washer assembled
  Waterjet and Plasma cutting
  Waterjet Cutting
  Waveflow equipment
  We also offer pickup and delivery services
  welding (MIG and spot)
  welding (polyethylene and aluminum)
  welding applications
  welding stainless steel tubing
  wide belt sander
  Wide blade duplicating carver
  widebelt sander
  winding machine
  Wire EDM
  wire feeder stick machine welder
  Wire prep equipment
  Wood Carving
  wood press
  wood working shop
  Woodcarving tools
  Woodmizer Sawmill
  work with composite plastic materials/vinyl esters/leather items/epoxies