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Products of Montana Manufacturers

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"GoldPlug" Magnetic Drain Plugs
  3D CAD services using SolidWorks design software
  3D Modeling
  3D printing
  3D Scanning
  3M Tapes / Adhesives
  4/4 and 8/4 boards
  5 Axis Machining
  5/4 Moulding


  Abrasive blasting
  abrasive water jet cutting
  abrasive waterjet cutting
  accurizing tools for rifle scope installation
  Adult day care
  Advanced engineering
  aerospace assemblies
  aerospace parts & products
  aerospace products
  aerospace products for aircraft
  African horn fixtures
  African night crawlers
  Agate Magnets
  Agate Night Lights
  Agricultural Copper
  Agricultural Parts Manufacturer
  agricultural product extracts
  agriculture related metal fabrication
  air compressors
  Air Melt
  aircraft components
  aircraft fuselage components
  aircraft modifications
  aircraft parts
  airframe system integration
  airframe wiring
  airplane exterior lighting
  airplane interior lighting
  airplane parts
  Alaska Areospace
  Alfalfa, clover, and knapweed honeys
  all items are recycled,upcycled
  Alpha Loading Systems
  aluminum aircraft floats
  aluminum Cutaway Van Bodies
  Aluminum fabrication
  Aluminum Frames
  Aluminum Machining
  aluminum parts
  aluminum scrap
  aluminum store front fabrication
  Aluminum trailer
  Ambient Environmental Monitoring & Reporting Systems
  American Lager
  American Themed Furniture
  ammunition loading equipment
  ammunition priming equipment
  ammunition trimming equipment
  Analytical Laboratory services
  ANdie's Cow-a-Sockies
  Angular Building Stone
  Animal Bedding
  Animal bedding material
  Animal drawings
  animal scales
  Anodize Equiptment
  Anodizing for gun industry
  Antique fir
  Antique repair & refinishing
  antique stove restoration
  Antique timbers
  Antler light fixtures
  apparel design
  apparel manufacturing
  Application design serives
  arc, gas, MIG & TIG welding
  Archery Accessories
  Archery bows
  Archery Equipment
  Archery equipment, wood
  archery products
  Archery Sights
  Arches, Church
  Arches, curved
  Architectural carving
  architectural ceramics
  Architectural Design Services
  Architectural Metalwork
  Architectural millwork
  Architectural moulding
  architectural steel fabrication
  arm supports
  Arrow Rests
  Art baskets
  Art pieces
  artificial limbs
  Arts & Crafts
  Arts & crafts, wood
  aspalt production
  asphalt emulsions
  Asset Disposal
  asymmetrical chandelier
  atv trailers
  Audio Delay modules
  Aurtomated Security Gates
  Autocad Documentation
  AutoCad Input
  Autodesk CAD/CAM software
  Automated cutting and drilling lines ensuring efficient and fast fabrication process
  Automated Interior Reefer Cleaning System
  Automated Large Train, Bus, and Truck Fleet Wash Systems
  Automatic Screw Machine
  automatic security gates
  Automation and Controls Design and Implementation
  automotive engine diesel engine rebuilding for f
  automotive engine building and repair
  automotive racing
  Aviation and Industrial work / upper level access Platforms
  aviation fuels
  Aviation Maintenance Fixtures and Equipment
  avionics installation
  avionics systems
  Avonite, Hi-Macs, Gibraltar, not Corian
  Awnings and Canopies
  Axle Housings


  Baby blankets
  Back-up Power Systems
  backpacking accessories
  Bag straps
  baking strip for cakes or other culinary uses
  Banana Pan for Duramax Diesel Engine
  Bank fixtures
  banner printing
  bar stocks
  Bark and Mulch
  Bark, Decorative
  barn door hinges and latches
  Barn poles
  Barn wood picture frames
  Barnwood frames
  Barnwood furniture
  Barnwood home decor
  barrel bands
  base metal industry chemicals and services
  Basic remodeling
  baskets for lifting people and equipment by a helicopter
  Bathroom cabinets
  Bathroom furnishings
  batter bowls and accessories
  BBQ Products
  Beadlock wheels
  Beam steeage mirrors for CO2 larers
  Beams & Lumber, Custom Cut
  Beams & Timber to 24'
  Beams & Timber to 36
  Beams & Timber, Custom
  Beams and Timbers
  Beams, Laminated
  Bear carving
  Bear Resistant Food Container
  Bear Spray
  Bed and Breakfast Inn
  Bed benches
  Bedding boxes
  Bedding Conveyor
  Bedroom Furniture
  Bee hives
  Beef, pork and buffalo
  Beetle kill book cases
  Beetle kill chairs
  Beetle kill furniture
  Beetle kill tables
  Beetle kill wood furniture
  Belgian-style Wit
  Belt Conveyor Infeed
  Belt Conveyor Outfeed
  belts and pouches
  Bending and Forming
  bicycle fitting certification courses
  bicycle fitting kits
  bicycle fitting software
  bicycle parts
  Bighorn Bourbon
  bike fit kits
  bike parts
  Biology Supplies
  Biomass fuel
  Bird Baths
  Bitch Britches
  black oxide
  black powder bullets
  blaze, mills, grinders
  Blister Packaging
  Blocks for finger joints
  Blow molded plastic bottles
  Blue stain pine wood products
  bluing parts
  board and batten
  Board remanufacture
  boat kits
  Bobber target operator
  Body Balm
  boiled linseed oil
  Bone whistle
  Borescope Inspection
  bottled spring water
  Boulder, granite eggs
  Bow hunting supplies
  Bow sling
  Bowsights and bowhunting supplies
  box culverts
  Boxes, wood
  Brake Assemblies
  Branding and Identity
  Brekke Bridge
  Bridge Fabrication
  brochure printing
  Brochure racks
  Brown, yellow, and oriental mustards
  Build computers for livestock auction markets and automation for radio stations
  build sheep sheering machine
  Building contractor
  building preservation
  building repairs
  building restoration
  building stabilization
  Buildings, general
  Buildings, Prefabricated
  Bulk mailing services
  Bullet pullers
  business cards
  Business Consulting
  business development
  Business management consulting
  Business Management Software
  business stationery


  Cabinet components
  cabinet countertops
  Cabinet parts
  Cabinets and Countertops
  Cabinets, Reface
  cable assemblies
  Cable/Wire harness assemblies
  cables and harnesses
  CAD waterjet cutting
  Calendar frames
  CAM Solutions
  Camper accessories
  Camper servicing
  canned spring water
  canola meal
  Canopy Stripes & Letters
  Canteen cases
  canvas structures
  Canvas Tents
  Canvas Wall Tents & Other Canvas Products
  car antennas
  carbide cutting tools
  Carbon Dioxide Sensors (CO2)
  carbon fiber parts
  Carburetor Heat Insulation Spacers
  Carburetor Kits
  Carburetor Parts
  Carry on bags
  Carrying Cases
  carved wood sculpture
  Carved wooden benches
  Carvings, wood
  Case Goods
  Case management
  Cashier stands
  cashmere/silk blended garments
  Casino video machine bases (commercial)
  Caskets, wood
  cast iron or steel shaft
  Casting development
  casts aluminum
  cattle chutes
  cattle scale
  CBD Oil
  Ccommercial cabinets, Custom
  CD cases
  Cedar channel
  Cedar chests
  Cedar decking
  Cedar Fencing
  cedar flute
  Cedar furniture: porch swings, chairs
  Cedar Gazebos
  Cedar lumber supplies
  Cedar planters
  Cedar Products
  Cedar Rails
  Cedar siding
  Cedar T&G
  Cedar wood boxes
  cedarstrip wood canoes
  Cementous based fire coating
  Certified Gluten-Free (GF)
  Certified kitchen designs
  Certified organic soap
  CFN Decals
  chain link fence
  Chain saw art
  Chainsaw art carvings
  Chainsaw carved furniture
  chainsaw carving
  Chainsaw carving decor
  Chainsaw carvings
  Checkbook covers
  chemical safety training
  Chemical/process engineering
  chemistry instruments
  chemistry software
  Chemistry Supplies
  Chest packs
  Child care and preschool
  Children's furniture
  Childrens furniture
  Childrens wood furniture
  Christmas Tree ornaments
  Chrome alloy piping
  chrome, nickel, copper, & brass plating
  Church pews
  circuit board assemblies
  circuit board design
  cleat alignment
  climbing packs
  close tolerance machine work
  Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge W/WO PSA
  closed cycle optical cryostat
  Closet components
  Closet Systems
  Closets, Custom
  clothing manufacturing
  Cloud Services
  CMM and Romer Arm
  CNC machining
  CNC machine
  CNC Machining
  CNC Manufacturing
  CNC Milling
  CNC milling and turning
  CNC Milling Machines
  CNC Services
  CNC Swiss parts
  CNC turning
  Co-Manufacturer-Baked Goods
  coal industry chemicals and services
  Coin bank
  Collaborative Project and Private Label
  Command, Communications Vehicles
  Commercial and residential security gate systems
  Commercial buildings
  commercial casework
  Commercial countertops
  commercial doors and hardware
  Commercial Fabrication
  commercial HVAC work
  Commercial Log Buildings
  commercial trusses
  commodity chemicals
  Communications & Licensing
  Communications and Tower provider
  Complete Log Homes & Log Home Shells, Hand-hewn, Swedish cope
  Complete Log Homes & Log Home Shells, Hand-hewn, Swedish cope (80%), American chink (20%)
  Complete Log Homes & Timber Framed Homes, Sawn on 3 sides, Swedish cope
  Complete Log Homes, Hand-hewn, Swedish cope
  Complex Steel Structures
  component for mining and construction equipment
  components for municipal water systems
  components for surgical instruments
  composite manufacturing
  Compost and Soil Amendments
  compost bins
  Composting toilets
  Compression Molding
  compression molds
  Computer cabinets
  computer cases
  Computer centers
  Computer furniture
  Computer Hardware Development
  Computer labs
  computer maps
  Computer Programming
  computer services for environmental and engineering projects
  Concept Creation
  Concession Trailers
  concrete batch plans and silos
  Concrete Benches
  Concrete garden drainage systems
  Concrete Garden Statuary
  Concrete Log Homes
  Concrete Log Siding
  Concrete Timbers
  Connection Design
  construction bottom dump trailers
  Construction Drawings
  Construction Engineering
  construction materials
  consulting engineering
  Consulting in any of their manufacturing processes
  Container washing equipment
  Containers, Overseas
  continual improvement consulting
  contract assembly
  contract cutting of single-ply textiles, foam, graphic fiber, leather, plastic, fiberglass
  Contract machining
  Contract manufacture of non medical products
  contract manufactured electronics
  contract manufacturer
  Contract manufacturer and fabrication
  Contract Manufacturing
  contract sterilization services
  Contractor Essentials Software for HVAC Contractors
  Control and Monitoring Systems
  Control Panel Fabrication
  Control System Configuration
  Control System Design and Engineering
  Control System Documentation
  Control System Engineering Consulting
  Control System Implementation
  Control System Training
  Control System Troubleshooting
  Controlled environment
  Convention and meeting facility
  Conventional Van Bodies
  Conveyor system
  conveyor systems
  Copper Powder
  Corbond - building insulation system
  Corian counters
  Corian countertops
  Corner Groups
  corrugated metal pipe
  Counter tops
  Countertops, courian solid surface
  Countertops, solid surface
  cover openings
  crane service
  Crane Services
  crane suspended personnel platform
  Cribbage Board
  Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
  Cross-Laminated Timber
  Cryostation Microscope
  crystals for research for government
  Cupric Oxide
  Cuprous Oxide
  Curtain rods
  Curves, Church
  cusom moldings
  custom agricultural equipment
  custom agricultural manufacturing
  custom agriculture products
  custom aircraft floats at customer order only
  custom antennas
  Custom barnwood framing
  Custom barnwood furniture
  Custom Bending per blueprint
  custom bumpers
  Custom Cabinet Shop
  Custom cabinetry
  Custom cabinets
  Custom cabinets, wood
  Custom cabinets- commercial or residential
  Custom Cable Assemblies
  custom canoes & kayaks
  custom canvas products
  custom carving
  custom cashmere garments
  Custom CLT
  Custom CNC
  custom cut lumber
  custom design
  custom design and shop services
  custom designed braces
  custom designed conrete log structures
  custom designed electronics
  Custom doors
  custom electronic scales for research people
  custom engineering
  Custom Fabricated Metal Products
  custom fabrication
  Custom fabrication of stainless steel products
  Custom fire and rescue vehicles
  Custom Food Trailers
  Custom Furniture
  Custom Gaskets Of All Kinds
  custom gates
  Custom glass lenses
  custom hand peeled logs
  custom handle
  Custom Headphone Cables
  Custom home decor
  custom home interiors
  custom homes
  Custom horse bits
  Custom Hot Rod Accessories
  Custom Hot Rod Carburetion Systems
  Custom hunting fishing & collectable folding knife
  custom industrial notchers
  Custom Injection molding
  Custom Instruments
  custom ironwork
  Custom Job Shop
  custom kitchens
  custom kniting
  custom large tumbler machine
  Custom log furniture
  Custom Log Homes
  Custom Machine Manufacturing
  custom machine shop
  Custom machined parts
  custom machines
  Custom machining
  Custom made knitwear
  custom made portrait dolls
  custom magnetic speed sensors
  custom mandrel bent frame rails
  custom manufacturer of electric heating elements
  custom manufacturing
  Custom map making
  custom material cutting
  custom medical device manufacturing
  custom metal artwork
  Custom metal fabrication
  custom metal parts
  custom metal work
  custom milling
  custom millwork
  Custom Molding
  custom order gun parts
  custom ordered gun racks
  custom ordered hydraulic cylinders
  custom ordered machine parts
  Custom parts
  custom picture frames wood and metal
  custom plastic design
  custom porch products
  Custom printing
  Custom products
  custom profile router bits
  custom rifles
  Custom Rochester Tri-Power Carburetors
  Custom screen printing/textile
  custom shaper cutters
  Custom shower pans and walls
  custom signage
  custom signs
  Custom Signs Fabrication
  Custom slaughter and processing
  Custom Snowmobile Parts
  Custom Software Deveopment
  custom specialty forest fire fighting machine
  custom steel fabrication
  custom steel fabrications
  custom stock work
  custom surgical pack
  Custom Tables
  custom tarps
  Custom Tool Manufacture
  Custom Trailers
  Custom Training Classes
  Custom Tri-Power Fuel Line Sets
  Custom truck bodies
  custom vaults
  Custom web/database rich-content system solutions for the enterprise
  Custom WindowViews
  Custom wood cabinetry
  Custom wood cabinets
  Custom wood carving specialty
  Custom wood doors
  Custom wood drawers
  Custom wood furniture
  Custom wood jewlery boxes
  Custom wood products
  custom wooden boats
  custom woodwork
  Custom Woodworking
  Custom woodworking art
  custome composite boats
  custome furniture
  customer valuation
  Customized bullets
  customized print on demand topographic maps
  Cut & Machine parts
  Cut-off saws
  Cutting Board
  cutting boards
  Cutting of Any Material


  Data Acquisition Systems
  Data Managment
  day packs
  Dealer for Continental engines and parts
  Dealer for Wisconsin engines and parts
  Decal Kits
  Deck railing, wood
  Deck Rails
  Decks, Wood roof
  Decorative entry doors
  decorative finishing
  decorative glass
  decorative inserts
  Decorative Machining
  Decorative pillows
  Decorative wooden wall art
  Decrotive wood furniture
  Deep Soil Aeration
  deep-hole drilling
  deep-hole reaming
  defatted flaxseed
  defatted mustard spice
  denim pot holders
  Dental Hand Instruments
  design and production of custom parts
  Design Assist
  Design Build
  Design engineering
  Design service for interior space and furniture
  Design Services
  design work
  Desk Items
  desk plates
  dewatering pumps
  Die Cutting
  Dietary Supplements
  Diff cups
  Digital magnetic speed sensors
  Digital to Analog Convertors
  Digital Voice Recorders (DVR)
  Dimensional Inspection
  Dimensional Lumber
  Direct marketing
  Disabled service provider agencies
  Disaster Recovery
  disguised antennas
  Dispersion Strengthened Copper
  Display cases
  Display cases, case goods
  distilled spirits
  distribution boxes
  distribution channel development
  ditch closers
  Dock construction
  Dog & Cat Beds (fiber fill or memory foam)
  Dog Beds
  Dog Belly Bands
  Dog Boarding
  Dog houses
  Dog Mats and Pads
  Dog Toys
  door frames
  door hardware cabinet hardware bathroom acc
  Doors and Windows
  Doors, Passage
  Dough decorations
  Dowel rail fencing
  Dowell Mill, RWS-6020
  Dowell Mill, RWS-6020P
  Dowell Mill, RWS-8040
  Dowell Pointer, automatic
  Dowels, Furniture Grade
  Down-hole cup seals
  Drafting Services
  Drain Field Aeration
  Drain Field Restoration
  drilling fluids
  drilling, butting, boring, honing lathe & millwork
  drive drives
  drive shafts
  Drive through wash systems
  Driveline and PTO Repair
  Driveway gates
  drop seats
  drug manufacturing
  Dry Flim Coating
  Dry Stack Mfg. Stone
  duck blinds
  duffle bags


  E-mail marketing
  Early English Guns
  Early-American accents
  Earth & Space Science Supplies
  Earth science supply catalog
  earthworm castings
  Eastman Laubach Kreations
  Edged weapons
  EDM buring
  EDM work
  educational equipment
  electric motor repair
  Electric Signs
  electrical and electronic components
  Electrical Design Software
  Electrical Distribution Design Consulting
  Electrical Engineering
  Electrical Ladder Diagram Software
  Electrical supplies
  Electrical Training Software
  electro-mechanical equipment
  Electrochemical deposition equipment and systems
  Electronic message centers
  Electronic systems
  Electronics Development
  elevator repairs
  energy saving products
  Energy-efficient lighting
  engine rebuilding
  Engineered structural systems
  Engineered Studs
  Engineering and design
  Engineering of medical devices
  Engineering on trusses
  engineering services
  engraved trophies & awards
  Entertainment centers
  Entrance doors
  Enviromental Emissions Monitoring & Reporting Systems
  Environmental engineering
  environmental sealants
  Environmental Site Audits
  epoxy application
  Epoxy coating
  Equipment Fabrication Repair
  Equipment loan
  Equipment Mounting Products
  Equipment Purchasing
  Erosion Control
  erosion control staw wattles
  Estwing field equipment
  Event structures
  Event Tents
  everything custom order
  Exotic woods
  Experience in fabrication of complex steel built-ups


  Fabric Pet Toys
  Fabric products
  Fabric scraps
  Fabricated metal products
  Fabricated metal products for commercial, industrial and municipal equipment
  fabricated plate work
  fabricated steel
  fabricated structural steel
  fabricates stainless steel, steel & aluminum prod.
  fabricating a heavy-duty grill guard system
  Fabrication & press
  Fabrication & welding
  fabrication and repair
  fabrication and welding
  Fabrication capacity for large scale projects
  Factory Finished Siding
  Farm and Ranch mapping
  farm and ranch repair machine shop
  Farm Fencing
  Farm Fixtures
  fashion design
  Faux Beams
  feasibility studies
  feed carts
  feed oil
  Fence Gates
  fence posts
  fence rails
  Fencing and gate materials
  Fencing materials, wood
  Fencing, Rail
  Fencingmaterials, wood
  Fiber Optic Instruments
  Fiber Optic Power Meters
  Fiber Optic Test systems
  Fiberboard, Medium Density
  fiberglass molds
  field shield
  filtration products
  Final Drives
  financial plans
  Fine art
  Fine Furniture
  Finger joint blocks
  Finger joints
  Finish finger joints
  finished decking
  finished lumber
  Fir flooring
  Fir trim
  Fire coating
  fire extinguisher sales and service
  fire fighting equipment
  Fire protection
  Firefighter field packs
  fireplace mantles
  Firewood Wood Shed
  Fishing and outdoor clothing accessories
  fishing gear
  Fishing Rod Rack
  Flaking Mill
  Flatbed truck bodies
  Flavored honey
  flaxseed oil
  Fleet wash Chemicals
  Flight recorders
  Flintlock Trade Guns
  floating coolers
  Floating Docks
  flood irrigation ditchers
  Floor trusses
  Floor trusses, open web floor
  Flooring accents
  Flooring, Wood (install & finish)
  Flour Mill
  fluid power units hose assemblies cylinders pumps
  Fluorescent Penetrant Testing
  Fly fishing supplies and equipment
  fly tying tools
  foot supports
  Forest Management Services
  Forest Service Metal Gates
  Forged Gates
  forklift Mounted baskets
  forklift work platform
  Fossil kits
  Fossil specimen
  Frame trusses
  Framed Mirrors
  freezer vestibules
  Front & Rear Suspensions
  Fuel moisture indicator sticks
  Fuel moisture stick brackets
  Fuel moisture stick scales
  Fuel-grade petroleum coke
  full assembly and decorating
  full production quantity machining
  Full timber frame
  Full Treated Posts and Poles
  full turnkey box build
  Furniture & Cabinets with Log Trim
  Furniture cabinets
  Furniture for the entire home
  furniture logs
  Furniture parts
  Furniture repair
  Furniture rounds
  Furniture, Custom
  Furniture, hardwood
  Furniture, wood, Ready to assemble


  game calls
  Gang Drill
  Garage kits, Custom
  garden accessories
  gas blenders for beverage dispensers, food packaging, and welding
  gate end fittings
  gate hinges
  gate latches
  Gates Railing home decor
  gates railing home décor
  general construction
  General machine and welding shop
  general machine shop
  General machine shop (job work)
  general machine shop and repairs drivelines
  general machine shop fabrication
  general machine shop for parts
  general machine shop metal fabrication
  general machine shop welding fabrication
  general machine work
  general machine work and custom fabrication
  general machining
  general machining and welding
  general machining, CNC, contract machining
  general repair work
  general welding and metal fabrication
  general welding and metal fabrication in
  Generator Design
  geologic mapping
  Geological Surveys
  Geophysical Services and Equipment
  geophysical surveys
  gift bags and boxes
  Gifts and Home Decor
  glass fiber parts
  Glass Handling Products
  Global & Domestic Sourcing
  Gluten-Free Contract manufacturing
  Gluten-free oat Groats
  gluten-free oats
  gold bracelets
  gold pens
  government contracting
  GPS dataloggers
  gps maps
  graded framing lumber
  grain boxes
  grain feed and fertilizer tanks coned bottomed
  grain processing equipment and design and installa
  GrainMaker Grain Mills
  grant writing
  Granulated Sugar
  Graphic Art Sales
  gravity-powered target turner
  Green Machine Heat Systems
  Greenhouse Enviromental Monitoring and Control Systems
  Greeting Cards
  Grid Tied Solar Systems
  Griddles, camping & home
  Griddles, custom stamping
  Griddles, Restaurant
  Griddles/Broilers for catering
  Grinding Mill
  ground flaxseed
  ground mustards
  Grounding & Lightning
  Grown In Montana Program\Website
  gun accessories
  gunsmith hammers and hand tools
  Gunstock services, except finishing
  Gunstocks, 95% complete


  Habitat Management Services
  Hair Barrette
  Half Rounds
  half-round siding
  Hall effect speed sensors
  Hand carved wood products
  Hand cast bullets
  Hand crafted blades
  hand crafted wood furniture
  Hand hewn beams
  hand hewn log homes
  hand made branding irons
  Hand Painted accents
  hand powered Mill
  hand railing
  Hand rails
  Hand sewn hats
  hand tempering
  hand-braided kangaroo leather dog leashes and collars
  Hand-hewn siding
  handcrafted ales
  handcrafted baskets
  Handcrafted copper originals
  Handcrafted furniture
  Handcrafted hardwood furniture
  Handcrafted home decor
  Handcrafted household furniture
  handcrafted quilts
  Handcrafted rustic furniture
  Handcrafted wood boats
  Handcrafted wood cabinets
  Handcrafted wood decor
  Handcrafted wood furniture
  Handcrafted wood products
  Handcrafted wood signs
  Handcrafted wooden home decor
  Handcrafted wooden office furniture
  Handmade home decor
  handmade knives
  Handmade wood furniture
  Handmade wood home decor
  Handmade wood signs
  Handmade wooden cabinets
  Handmade wooden chests
  Handmade wooden furniture
  Handpainted Signs
  handthrown pottery
  handwoven area rugs
  handwoven rag rugs
  hard chrome plating and grinding
  Hardwood bases
  Hardwood flooring
  Hardwood trim
  harsh environment connectors
  head gates
  headphone amplifiers
  Healthcare WindowViews
  heat system for ground thaw
  heating trailers ground heat
  heavy construction equipment
  heavy earth moving equipment
  Heavy Equipment repair
  heavy maintenence - Piper PA23's only
  Heirloom needlework designs and kits
  heli-strap (or belly strap for transporting live loads)
  Hi-Macs counters
  High Erucic rapeseed oil
  high performance auto racing parts
  high quality crystaline materials
  high quality germanium
  high quality silicon
  High solids coatings
  High Speed CNC Machining for Aerospace, Medical, Department of Defense, and Commercial Sectors
  High Speed CNC Machining for Aerospace, Medical, Department of Defense, and Commercial Sectors.
  High Volume Stamping
  High-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping
  high-run production
  Highway guardrail posts
  Highway sign poles
  highway striping trucks, related equipment
  hobby greenhouses
  Hog fuel
  Holsters and accessories
  Homade style semolina pasta
  Home care
  Home decor
  Home health services
  Home storage products
  Homes from recycled shipping containers
  Homes, Manufactured
  Homes, modular
  Homeschool Kits
  Hop Poles
  Horizontal Grinders
  Horizontal Turning Center
  Horse Bedding
  Horse drawn carts
  Horse-drawn vehicles
  horseshoe décor
  horseshoe tailgates
  Hot tubs manufacturing
  hot-, warm-, & cold-mix asphalt
  House & Deck Railing
  House Logs
  House Logs, Machine-contoured & Manufactured cants, Swedish cope & saddle notch
  House Logs, Shells, Kits & Homes, Machine contoured & Sawn on 3 sides, Double round tongue & groove
  household accessories
  Houselogs for log home builders.
  hunting maps
  Hunting Products
  hunting supplies
  Hunting Tents
  HVAC sheet metal fabrication
  Hybrid Power Systems
  Hybrid timberframe
  Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
  Hydraulic Cylinders
  hydraulic cylinders and suspension
  hydraulic press
  hydrocarbon exploration
  hydronic heating units
  hygienic milk saver for people with newborn calves


  IBT blasting machine
  Iconel 800H fabrication
  illuminated electric signs
  In-store repair shop
  Increasing Montana Manufacturer
  India Pale Ale
  industrial chemicals
  Industrial coating
  industrial connectors
  Industrial controls integration
  Industrial Contstruction
  Industrial Design
  Industrial docks and waterway construction
  industrial fabrication
  Industrial fire coating
  Industrial fireproofing
  industrial forging
  Industrial Insulation Services
  Industrial Matting
  Industrial parts
  Industrial piping
  Industrial Process Control Systems
  Industrial steel coating
  industrial supplies
  industrial thermocouples
  Industrial Tools
  industrial waste water treatment
  Information and referral assistance
  Information systems strategic planning
  Infrastructure, Topology /Network Management
  injection molding
  injection molds
  Inlay work
  Innovative Solutions
  Inspection Services
  install wood stoves and chimneys
  Institutional furniture
  insulated concrete forms
  insulated glass
  Insulated Metal Panel Vacuum Lifters
  Integral sink fabrication
  integrated biosystems
  Integrated remote sensing, GIS, and GPS custom applications
  Integrating the 3D model and the shop drawings in the fabrication process
  Intercooler kit
  interior decorations
  interior millwork
  Interior Wood Shutters
  Intermational Marketing Assistance Program\Website
  Intermediate coats
  Intumescent paint application
  IP & Commercialization Strategies
  iron forging
  Iron working
  Irrigation equipment and systems
  Irrigation Pump setup
  ISO 9001 consulting
  IT Services
  Italian Home Collection


  Jack leg fence
  Jack Leg Style Fence
  jackets, shirts, and bags
  Java application development
  jeep frames
  jet fuel
  Jewelry Boxes
  Job Costing, Service and Dispatch Software for HVAC Contractors
  Job shop
  Job Shop Machining
  Job shop production machining
  Joinery, Custom
  journals and note paper
  just the sheep sheers are custom order


  Kitchen and bath cabinets
  Kitchen cabinets
  kitchen countertops
  Kitchen furnishings (home & business)
  Kitchen Furniture
  Kitchen vanities
  Kitchens cabinets
  knife and tool sharpeners
  knit garments and accessories
  KraftMaid and Quality Cabinetry


  Lab equipment
  laboratory services
  Landing gear
  Landscape rock
  Landscaping material
  laptop stand
  Large indoor preparation, blast and paint area
  Large Vehicle Blower Systems
  Large working areas
  laser alignment and computer balancing of shafts
  laser components
  laser cut
  Laser Cutting
  Laser Cutting Services
  laser designs
  Laser Diode Anaysis equipment and software
  Laser Diode current sources
  Laser Diode Mounts
  Laser Engraver
  Laser Marking
  lateral supports
  Lathe turned wood products
  Lawn and garden sprinker parts and supplies retail
  lawn ornaments
  leaf springs and rearch them
  Lean Enterprise consulting
  Lean Manufacturing Consulting
  Leather belts
  Leather Pillows
  Leather products
  lenses and window for night vision optics
  Library shelving
  lift stations
  Lifting capacity of 140 tons
  light bulbs
  Light fixtures
  Lighting Design
  lighting maintenance
  Lights & fixtures, Mission style
  limited manufacturing
  line conditioning equipment
  liquid clarification
  Liquid Tanks
  Live Edge Wood Slabs
  livestock equipment
  Lockwood finishes
  lodge pole pine products
  Lodgepole Pine Logs
  Log & timber products for custom homes
  log and timber accents
  Log and timber construction of all kinds, interior, exterior, structural and accent.
  Log and timber trusses and structural roof systems.
  Log beds
  Log benches
  Log Cabin Kits
  Log Cabin Siding
  Log cabins, Complete
  Log campground accessories
  Log coat racks
  Log furniture
  Log furniture components
  log furniture repair
  Log Furniture,Indoor for cabins
  Log Gazebos
  Log Home Accents
  Log home kits
  Log Home Packages, Sawn on 3 sides then Machine contoured, Swedish cope w/ Saddle notch
  log home repair
  Log Home Repair & Maintenance
  Log home restoration
  Log home shell packages.
  Log Home Shells
  Log Home Shells & Complete Log Homes, Hand-hewn, Swedish cope
  Log Home Shells & Log Home Kits, Hand-hewn, Sawn on 2 sides, Butt & pass, V-notched
  Log Home Shells & Log Home Kits, Lathe turned, Swedish cope
  Log Home Shells (50%) & Complete Log Homes (50%), Hand-hewn, Swedish cope & American chink
  Log Home Shells, Hand-hewn, American chink
  Log Home Shells, Hand-hewn, Swedish cope
  Log Home Shells, Hand-hewn, Swedish cope & American chink
  Log Home Shells, Hand-hewn, Swedish cope (70%) & American chink (30%)
  Log Home Shells, Lathe turned, Swedish cope
  Log Home Shells, Machine contoured & Sawn on 4 sides, Swedish cope
  Log Home Shells, Machine contoured, Swedish cope
  Log Homes
  Log Homes & Log Home Shells, Hand-hewn, American chinked, Full scribe
  Log Homes and Roundwood
  Log homes in historic styles
  Log Homes, Custom
  Log Homes, Custom Built, Full Scribe
  Log Homes, Custom, Hand-peeled, Scribe, Fitted
  Log playground equipment
  log porch railings
  Log Siding, Custom
  Log tables
  Log Trusses
  Log Wood Tables
  Logging; Thinning, Forest Health, Wildland Urban Interface, Salvage
  Logo creation and Artwork
  Logo Design
  Long range bullets
  Loose Stones
  low permeability liners
  Low VOC
  Low Voltage Systems
  Luggage and travel bags
  Lumber and home store
  Lumber planing
  Lumber, Board & Shop
  Lumber, Board (common & select)
  Lumber, Dimension
  Lumber, Dimension (dry & green)
  Lumber, Dimension (green), Board (common), Treated & Rough
  Lumber, Dimension, Board & Shop
  Lumber, Dimension, Board (select), Treated & Shop
  Lumber, Domestic
  Lumber, Finger Jointed
  Lumber, Landscape 6'-10'
  Lumber, MSR & Pattern Stock
  Lumber, Pattern
  Lumber, pattern work
  Lumber, remanufactured
  Lumber, Resawn
  Lumber, Retail
  Lumber, Rough & Planed
  Lumber, Rough Green (board & dimension)
  Lumber, Studs
  Lumber, Treated


  Machine plastic parts and components
  Machine repairs
  machine shop
  Machine Shop Services
  machine shop with hydraulic bender
  Machine Stainless Steel
  Machine Titanium
  machine work
  machines plastics
  Machining & fabricating
  Machining / Fabrication
  machining and fabricating
  machining of automotive parts
  Machining Repairs
  Made in Montana Program/Website
  Made in Montana Program\Website
  Magnetic speed sensors
  magneto-optic Module
  mailing labels
  Maintenance platform for UH-60 Helicopters
  maintenance platforms
  make and install flashing
  make to order job shop
  Management software for Contracting Businesses
  Management software for Service Businesses
  Mandolin accessories
  Mandolin Straps
  Mantles, wood
  Manual Lathe work
  manufacture and install duct work for forced air
  manufacture and repair babbitt bearings and sleeve
  manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders
  manufacture animal containers
  manufacture liquid and dry bulk truck trailers
  Manufacture of lifting aids for the handicapped
  Manufacture Silicon & Germanium infrared optics
  manufacture trophies & awards
  manufacture. Metal, stainless steel, steel, aluminum,
  manufacture. Aluminum tools
  manufacture. Metal, steel & aluminum machine parts
  manufacture. Metla, stainless steel, steel, aluminum
  Manufactured Stone - River Rock
  manufacturer of custom electric guitars
  manufactures log dwellers
  manufactures steel and aluminum gun racks
  manufactures wire rope products
  Manufacturing and Repair Shop
  Manufacturing assembly
  Manufacturing Consultation
  Manufacturing consulting
  Manufacturing facility support and repairs
  Manufacturing supplies
  Manufacturing/Assembly Line Access Equipment
  Mapping systems
  Marine products and services
  Market diversification
  Market segmentation
  marketing communications
  marketing plans
  marketing products
  masonry restoration
  massage candles
  Massage Oil
  Master Guide Belt Vest
  Material baskets
  material binder
  Material Cutting
  material safety data sheets
  Material Sales
  Materials Handling Equipment
  Matting - Indoor and Outdoor - Anti-Fatigue
  Mattress pads
  meat packards grade mustard
  Mechangical Desing
  Mechanical and electronic fuel management products
  Mechanical engineering
  medical devices
  medical equipment
  medical tools
  Melt Chemical Analysis
  metal and wood sculpture
  Metal coating
  Metal fabrication
  metal fabrication and machine work
  metal fabrication and repair
  metal fabrication misc.
  metal fabrication welding and paint booth
  metal fences
  metal finishing
  Metal furniture
  Metal household accents
  metal inserting
  Metal Machining
  Metal panels
  Metal repair
  Metal roofing
  metal roofing and install it
  Metal siding
  metal signage fabrication and design
  Metal signs
  metal stamping and forming
  Metal Stampings
  metal waste
  Metals-Free polysilicon
  Meteorites, tektites
  Micor - Squelch Modules
  mil-qualified cable assemblies
  Military backpacks
  milled timbers
  milled trusses
  Millwork from reclaimed lumber
  Millwork, Architectural
  Mine waste solutions
  Mineral Exploration
  Mineral specimens
  Miniature safes
  Miniature toolboxes
  miscellaneous fabricated metal products
  Mission Style Furniture
  mobile classrooms
  Mobile Device Integrations
  Mobile Geo-digital-Imaging (GDI) customization solutions
  Mobile marketing
  mobile medical equipment
  mobile Offices
  Mobile Solutions
  Modern holsters
  modified asphalt
  Modular buildings
  Modular Structures
  Module Manufacturing
  Moisterizing Lotion
  molded plastic threaded parts
  Molded Platic Pet Toys
  Monoclonal Antibodies
  Montainer homes
  Montana Event Tents and Structures (M.E.T.S)
  Montana Honey Moonshine
  Montana Monster Munchies
  Montana Moonshine
  Montana natural water
  Montana Sapphire Jewelry
  Montana Silver Springs Water
  Montana Splitboards
  Montana Wild Chokecherry Liqueur
  Montana-made gifts
  Montgomery Whiskey
  Motel and dorm furniture
  Motor Control training software
  Motor grader parts repair & fabrication
  motorcycle trailers
  Moulding and Millwork
  Moulding, Custom
  Mouldings, Custom
  Mountain Cabins
  Mountain Ledgerstone
  Mountaineering radio cases
  Mouse Board
  Multi-channel Laser Diode Controllers
  Multi-coat corrosion control applications
  Multiple Carburetor Intake Manifolds
  Multiple spindle gang drills
  musical instruments, parts, accessories, and tools
  Mustard oil
  muzzleloading guns


  NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)
  nacho pans
  name badges
  Nanoscale Workstation
  Napkin Holder
  National Conferences
  Native American Flute
  Native american wooden caskets
  Natural food ingredients for food manufacturers
  Natural Resource Management
  net shape casting
  Network Design and Implementation (LANS)
  New product development and prototyping
  nigh crawler egg cocoons
  Night stands
  Non-destructive Evaluation
  non-ferrous foundry
  non-powered hand tools for the government
  notary and corporate seals
  note pads
  Novelty items
  nutritional supplements


  Oak shelving
  oat snacks
  Octave Mandolins
  ocular irrigation device
  Off Grid/Micro-Grid Solar Solutions
  off road heavy equipment trailers
  off road sanders
  off road water tanks
  Office Buildings
  Office furniture
  Office Trailers
  Oilfield Services
  Old West holsters
  Omega 3 rich flaxseed oil
  On-Site Training
  One-Of-A-Kind knit garments
  Online marketing
  open web floor trusses
  Optical Multimeter
  Optical test and measurement instruments
  opto electronic materials
  Oracle database design and administration
  Ordnance/munitions treatmen
  organic certified canola oil
  Organic soap
  original art dolls
  Original artwork
  ornamental blacksmithing
  Ornamental forging
  Ornamental gates
  Ornamental metal design services
  ornamental metalwork
  other components for off road construction/heavy equipment
  outdoor clothing
  Outdoor furniture
  outdoor videos
  Outdoor wood furniture
  Outdoor wooden furniture
  Outdor/sportsman supplies
  Outfitter and guide services
  over molding
  Overhead cranes
  Oversized steel built-ups


  pack frames
  Packaging and Kitting
  Packaging facility for foodstuffs
  Pager cases
  Paint systems
  Pale Ale
  Pallets, wood
  Panel builds
  paper maps
  Paper Patched Bullets (PPB)
  Part Machining
  parts for power production industry
  Patent Illustration
  Patenting, licensing, manufacturing
  pattern torch
  pedal boat drive
  Pellets, Wood
  Pellets, wood, fuel
  Pepper spray
  performs work on medical devices
  Permatex - Devcon Products
  Personal Protective Equipment
  personal stationery
  Pesticide spraying tracking
  Pet Accessories
  Pet Beds
  Petroleum Service Products
  phase correction equipment
  phase shifters
  Photo frames w/ contrast inlay
  Photo-Realistic Renderings
  Photographic and electronic supplies
  Physics & Engineering
  Pickup Bumpers
  pickup truck racks
  Picture frame finishing, Custom
  Picture frame moulding
  picture frames
  Picture frames, wood
  Pilsen malt
  Pin flags
  Pine Furnishings
  Pipe & Ducting Spools
  pipe support system
  Pipe X system
  Pipeline Services
  piper apache to geronimo conversion
  Pistol applications, preparation, attatching/detaching, models
  PIstol bullets
  Planed & Surfaced Lumber
  Planter boxes
  Planters, Decorative
  plaque clocks
  Plaques, hardwood
  Plaques, wood
  plasma cutting
  plastic fabrication
  plastic fabrication and machining
  plastic injection molds
  Plastic laminate countertops
  Plastic molding
  Plastic part design
  Plastic part value engineering
  plastic product design services
  plastic products
  plastic resin
  Plastic sales
  plastic welding
  plate work
  Playground equipment, wood
  Plexiglas and Metal Letters
  Plumbing supplies
  Plural application epoxies
  plural component mixing equipment
  Plywood or OSB
  Poindexter Pilsner
  Polyethylene and plastic films and sheeting
  pool access equipment
  pool lifts
  Porcelain jewelry
  Porch accessories
  portable bandsaw sawmills
  Portable dry toilet and waste bags
  portable heating units
  Portable Mill
  Portland cement-fly ash silos
  post cards
  Post frame construction
  post pointers
  Posts & Rails Doweled
  Posts & Rails, Doweled
  Posts, Crotch-leg
  Posts, Poles & House Logs, CCA Treated
  Posts, Poles and Rails
  Posts,CCA Treated
  powder coating
  Powder Coating metal products
  Powder coating of customers product
  Power Amplifiers
  Power Cube (mobile)
  Power Distribution
  Power Pod (semi-mobile)
  Power Supplies
  pre-finished building components
  pre-finished building materials
  precast accessories
  precast concrete manholes
  precision components, machining
  precision cutting
  precision dowel mills
  Precision grinding
  Precision machine work
  Precision machining
  precision manufacturing
  precision metal cutting
  precision sheet metal fabrication
  Prefabricated buildings
  prepress graphic services
  Prescribed Fire Services
  Pressure doors, 20 minute positive
  Pressure Testing
  Pressure Vessels
  pricing strategies
  Primers for steel
  print on demand, large format, full color
  Print services
  Print work
  printed circuit boards
  Printed wiring board assembly
  printing services
  Process control consulting
  process control software development
  Process Improvement services
  product assessment
  Product Design
  Product Design and Development
  Product Design and Develpment
  Product design/ development
  Product design/development
  Product development
  product engineering
  product valuation
  production components
  production crystals (YAG)
  Production focused on the fabrication of simple steel pieces
  Production line
  production machine shop
  Production machining
  Production Manufacturing
  Profile Knife Grinding
  Project development
  promotional products
  Property Inspection
  proprietary chemicals
  protective finishing
  Protective lens gaurds for motorhomes
  Protective lens guards for motorcycles
  Protective lens guards for semi-trucks
  Protective lens guards for vehicles and trucks
  prototype development
  Prototype production
  prototype work
  Proven fabrication processes
  Pulp Chips
  PVC Vinyl Tarps


  quality assurance software development
  Quality Systems Consulting
  Quality Systems Design and Development
  quality testing
  quiche dishes and accessories
  quick release fasteners
  quick turn prototype development
  Quicksilver Vodka
  quiet muzzle brake
  Quilt "paintings" of local landscapes


  R/C rig parts
  radio control rig parts
  Radius arches & mouldings
  Rail Fencing & Gates, Doweled
  Rail Fencing, Dowelled
  railing and stairs
  Railings for Log Homes
  Railings, deck
  Railings, stair
  Railings, stairs
  Railroad Ties
  Rails, Guard
  Rails, Peeled, Doweled or Split
  raising birds for hackle or high quality feathers for fly tying
  rapeseed oil
  Rapid Prototyping
  raw linseed oil
  rebuild electric motors
  rebuild hydraulic cylinders
  rebuild irrigation pumps
  rebuild pumps
  rebuilt engines
  recirculatory air curtains
  Reclaimed wood furniture
  recognition items
  Recreational wood items
  recycled pallets
  Red Alder moulding
  refined and bleached linseed oil
  Refined oil products
  Refrigerated Trucks
  Relief carving
  Relocation Services
  remanufacture Oil & Gas pipeline Valves
  remote hook (or pilot-operated cargo hook)
  Remote Terminal Units
  repair and remanufacture industrial pumps
  repair of communications equipment
  Repair of engines or machinery
  Repair Services
  repair truck trailers of all types
  Repairs in heavy duty equipment
  repeater controllers
  Replacement countertops
  reproduction guns
  Reseach & Analysis
  Research & Development ( R&D) of medical devices
  Research & Development (R&D)
  Research and Development
  Research into crystalline materials for high-tech applications
  Residential Cabinetry
  Residential cabinets, Custom
  residential countertops
  Residential Electrical floor-plan software
  Residential kitchen and bathroom countertops
  residential trusses
  Residential, Commercial, Industrial surge-suppression equipment
  Resin capsules for soil and environmental testing
  resistance temperature detectors
  Restaurant furniture, wood
  restoration of old tractors
  Retail & wholesale
  Retail Clothing & High Visibility Clothing
  Reverse Engineering
  reverse engineering services
  Rifle accessories
  Rifle applications, preparation, attatching/detaching, models
  rifle barrels
  Rifle bullets
  Rifle slings
  rifle stock checkering
  rings and bases for rifle scopes
  River rocks
  rock breaking tools
  Rock specimens
  rod ends
  rod weeders
  Roll and cut pasta
  Roller Compaction Bucket
  rollover gantry
  rond wood fencing
  Roof trusses
  Rope bags
  Rotary Wood Hog
  Rough Lumber
  Rough Sawn Lumber
  rough-cut beams
  rough-cut boards
  Round fencing products
  round work
  rounding machines
  Roundwood Gates
  roundwood pressing machinery
  Rubber Sheet - All Types -
  rubber slitting
  Rubber Slitting / Weather Stripping
  rubber stamp manufacturing
  Rubber Stamps
  Ruff cut beetle kill boards
  Rustic home decor
  Rustic reclaimed home decor
  Rustic wood furniture
  Rustic wood products
  Rustic wooden mirrors
  rye and rye flour
  RZR Turbo kits


  Saddle Blanket Carriers
  saddle blankets
  Saddle pads and bags
  safari gear
  Salad bowl accessories
  Salad bowls
  sales and rental of Communications equipment
  sales and service of electric motors
  sales of equipment trailers for medium to heavy
  sales system software development
  Salt Dough ornaments
  Salvaged wood furniture
  Sand Blasted Signs
  sand blasting
  Sandblasting services
  sandblasting, painting of equipment
  Sanitary stainless steel system fabrication and repair
  Sash Lumber
  Satellite Communications Vehicles
  satellite dish mounts
  sawmill work
  SCADA systems
  scented candles
  Science furniture
  Science Kits
  Science labs
  Science Projects
  scrap aluminum
  scrap aluminum and steel
  scrap iron
  scrap metal
  scrap metals
  scrap steel
  scrap textiles
  screw systems
  Sculpture art pieces
  Sculptures from reclaimed lumber
  sd chips
  sealing products
  seat covers for autos
  Seating and positioning equipment:
  Secondary Wood Product Fabrication
  Security Systems Design
  sediment control
  sell furnaces and air conditioning
  sell new & used motors & pumps
  sell welding supplies and equipment
  Sensing, Monitoring and Controls
  septic tank risers
  septic tanks
  Server Management
  service and installation of communications equipment
  Service Bodies
  serving bowls
  Setup products for manufactured housing: steps,base pads,wedges,& cribbing
  Shade structures
  Sharpening Systems
  Sheds, mini barns
  sheet metal
  sheet metal equipment
  Sheet Metal fabrication
  sheet metal scraps
  sheet metal work
  Sheet Stock (cut-to-size, pre-finished)
  Shell & Heat Exchangers
  shelving systems
  shiplap siding
  Shipping containers, wood
  shipping systems software development
  Shooting range equipment
  short and long CNC production runs
  short and long run production machining; prototypin
  short run machining production
  short run production
  short-run production
  Shotgun applications, preparation, attatching/detaching, models
  shotgun shell Santa's
  shovel spear point
  Shower tents
  Side Frames
  Siding millwork
  Siding, wood
  Sign Design Service
  Sign Posts
  sign repair
  Signs and Neon
  signs including A.D.A.
  Signs, wood
  silane gas (SiH4)
  Silane-based polysilicon
  Silicone fabricator
  Single and multi-wafer cleaning, etching, developing and electroplating equipment
  Site Remediation
  ski edge and wax
  skid plates
  Skin Care Products
  slide in gas tank tool box
  small machine parts
  small run production
  SmartLam UltiMat
  Snow fence
  snow mobile trailers
  Snow ski tune and repair
  Snowboard tune and repair
  snowmobile after market products
  snowmobile after- market parts
  snowmobile parts
  snowmobile performance accessories
  snowmobile Turbo kits
  snowmobile turbochargers
  Soap making supplies
  Soapstone countertops
  soda blasting
  Soft-wood pine shavings
  Software Development
  soil control
  Soil decompactor
  soil stabilizing polymers
  Solid surface countertops
  Solid surface fabricator
  Solid wood computer workstations
  Sorghum Press
  Sorters, diameter
  soup bowls
  spa access equipment
  Spatial database design & implementation consulting
  SPCC (Steel Structures Painting Council)
  special bolts
  special bullets for special rifles
  Special chemicals
  special custom ordered motors
  special ordered bandsaw sawmills
  specialized dental instruments
  specialized gaskets
  Specialized tent bags
  Specialized Welding
  specializes in exotic materials
  specializes in plastics machining
  Specializing in Montana Agates, Elk Ivory, and custom cut stones
  specialties engravings
  specialty chemicals
  Specialty gun rigs
  specialty hand tools for welders and the auto line
  Specialty log products for recreation
  Specialty millwork
  specialty parts for high precision movie cameras
  specialty power units
  Specialty Products such as amplifier covers and more
  specialty vehicles
  Specialty wood furniture
  Specialty Wood products
  speed modifications for Piper Aztec
  Spike Tents
  Spinning wheels
  Split (half round) Rails
  Split rail saws
  Split rails
  Split Snowboards
  Split-rail Stack Panels
  Sporting goods
  Sporting goods, wood
  sporting rifles
  Sporting textile bags
  sports bras
  Spray Lube
  sputter targets
  square-foot gardens
  Stainless Steel
  Stainless Steel Aquatic Wheelchairs
  stainless steel dog whistles
  Stainless Steel Fabrication
  stainless steel machining
  Stairs, Stairways
  Stake side
  Stakes, Nursery
  Standard operations (cutting, drilling, etc.) and little assembling required
  Standard rock and mineral kits
  Standard Structural Steel
  steel & aluminum fabricating
  steel coil springs
  Steel components
  Steel entry doors
  Steel fabricating
  steel fabrication
  steel leaf springs
  steel plate fabrication of tanks ducting etc.
  steel plate fabrication of tanks ducting, etc.
  Steel roofing
  Steel Rule Dies
  steel shelving
  Steel siding
  Steel storage tanks manufacture
  Sterling silver and gold jewelry
  Stocking dealer for space joists
  stone cutting and engraving
  Stone Handling Products
  stone stair treads
  Stone Veneers
  Storage tank
  Storage units
  Store fixtures
  Storm Windows
  straw wattles
  Structural concrete logs
  structural iron
  structural metal construction components
  Structural steel
  structural steel rebar
  Structural wood roof systems
  Studs, 2x4, 2x6
  Studs, Dry
  Studs, Finger Jointed
  Sublimination of metal, plastic & wood
  Submersible Autonomous Moored Instrument (SAMI)
  supercritical Extracts and Oils
  support equipment
  Support groups
  Surface ginding
  Surfaced Dry
  surge protection equipment
  Survey stakes
  Survey stakes, wood
  sustainable homes
  swedish cope log homes
  swimming pool blankets and pool deck equipment
  Swiss Lathe
  Synthetic Engine Oil Booster
  Synthetic Engine Treatment
  Synthetic Fuel System Treatment
  Synthetic Grease
  Systems Development


  T & G Flooring
  T&G Paneling
  Tables, Adjustable-height for classrooms
  Tandem Groups
  Taxidermy mounts
  Taxidermy supplies, wood
  TE floor joists
  teaches machine techniques
  Technical and scientific programming for operational and R&D markets
  tee shirts
  Teflon, titanium, stainless steel aluminum copper
  Temporary Wall Systems
  Tennon mills
  Tensile structures
  Tent accessories
  Test and measurement equipment for the optical componet industry
  The Morgan medi-Flow lens
  Thermal Design
  thermo assemblies
  thermo couple wire
  Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers
  Threaded Machine Parts
  three position safeties for mousure Remingtons rig
  TIG & MIG welding
  tile and ceramic cutting
  Timber Consulting, Cruising
  Timber Frame Homes
  Timber Frames
  Timber Trusses
  Timber, Custom Cut
  Timber/lumber, Reclaimed
  Timbers for homebuilding
  tipi poles
  Titanium Machining
  titanium parts
  toasted oat Flour
  Tobacco Root Mountain Rye Whiskey
  toner cartridges and copy supplies
  Tongue & groove products
  tool and die
  tool and die service
  Tool Design
  tool making
  Tool Room Services
  Tools for gunstock crafting
  Top coats
  Torch Braze
  tote bags
  towing package for offroad trucks
  Toys, wood
  Trade Pistols
  trade show booths
  Trailer Decals
  Trailer Repair
  Trailers, Truck, Construction Bottom Dumps
  Trailers, Truck, Liquid and Dry Bulk
  transform NASA EOS data in the NCSA HDF and NASA HDFEOS data models into client specified formats
  Transient voltage surge-suppressor (TVSS) equipment
  Travel supplies
  Treating, custom
  Tree Stakes
  Tri-Power & Dual Quad Progressive Linkage Kits
  Trial Assemblies
  Trim packages, wood
  Trim, Painted exterior
  Trophies , Plaques & Awards
  Trophy Buckles
  Truch Tarps
  truck bodies
  Truck Decals
  Truck Washing Systems
  Truss manufacturing
  Tube Forming
  turning blanks
  twine cutter for taking twine off shafts


  udercarriage wash equipment
  ultra-high purity polycrystalline silicon (polysilicon)
  Ultra-violet fluorescent equipment, kits
  Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  Underground Storage Tank (UST) Surveys
  underwater walker
  Unit Strapped
  Unpeeled Posts and Poles
  Untreated Posts and Poles
  urethane casting
  US Forest Service industrial products
  utility hanger bolts


  Vaccum Melt
  Vacuum Heat Treatment
  Vacuum Lifters for Materials Handling
  various other types of storage tanks custom order
  Vehicle & truck mounted changeable message signs
  vehicle dryer systems
  vehicle graphics
  Veneer work
  Ventilated paint area
  Vertical Grinders
  Vertical Milling
  Vibratory Compaction Bucket
  Victorian home restoration
  Victorian reproduction
  vinyl enclosures
  Vinyl lettering
  Vinyl Sign Lettering
  vinyl structures
  VLSI grade silane
  Vocational programs
  voltage regulation
  VRS and inductive sensors


  Wall Art
  Wall Tents
  walnut shavings
  waste oil heater parts
  Waste containers
  waste oil heater plan
  waste plastic
  Water and soil analysis
  Water Jet Cutting
  water tank for truck
  Waterjet Cutting
  website design
  Webstock 4-7'
  Wedding and party services and supplies
  weigh back vaccum cleaner
  Weld Procedure Development
  welded assemblies
  Welded steel countertop support
  welding and fabrication
  welding and machine knowledge
  Welding Engineering Consulting
  Welding Fabrication
  welding machines
  Welding Metallurgy
  Welding Process Applications
  Welding Process Automation
  Welding services
  Welding, fabrication, and powder coating
  Weldment Design
  Wellhead Packing
  Western Baby Bibs
  Western Style Apparel
  Western tack
  Western-style home accessories
  wet gear -- safety coveralls/jackets w/ reflective
  Wheel adaptors
  Wheel Motors
  wheelchair cushions
  Whittail Whit
  whole wheat
  whole wheat flour
  Whyte Laydie Gin
  Wide Format Printing
  Wild game processing
  Wildfire Risk Management Services
  Wildflower jewelry
  Wildlife and pet portraits
  Window components
  Window frames
  Window well covers
  Wire EDM
  wire gate closure called a gate winch
  wire harnesses
  Wireless Signal Processing Components and Assemblies
  wiring harnesses
  Wood boating accesories
  Wood Boxes
  Wood canoes
  Wood chips
  Wood entry doors
  wood flutes
  Wood furniture
  Wood Nymph
  Wood picture frames
  Wood products adhesive
  Wood Products Signs
  Wood Products, Lathe turned
  Wood sporting products
  Wood storage
  Wood tables
  wood toys
  wood trim
  Wood/iron exterior finishes
  Wooden barn doors
  Wooden bed frames
  Wooden bedroom sets
  Wooden cabinets
  Wooden carriage doors
  Wooden caskets
  wooden chairs
  Wooden coat racks
  Wooden cutting boards
  Wooden desk clocks
  Wooden drawers
  Wooden fly rod holders
  Wooden furniture
  Wooden game boards
  Wooden garage doors
  Wooden gun cabinets
  Wooden home decor
  Wooden keepsake boxes
  Wooden office furniture
  Wooden paddles
  Wooden pet beds
  Wooden pet urns
  Wooden picture frames
  Wooden potting benches
  Wooden pull knobs
  Wooden shelves
  Wooden signs
  Wooden stakes
  Wooden swingsets
  Wooden taxidermy bases
  Wooden tissue boxes
  Wooden urns
  Woodworking, Architectural
  wool batts
  wool dryer balls
  work on steam and gas antique engines
  work platforms
  works with aluminum, brass, copper, cast
  works with aluminum, brass, copper, cast,
  wrought iron railing fences ornamental railings
  Wyoming Bentonite


  X-Ray Inspection


  Yard ornaments
  Yogo Sapphire Jewelry


  Zinc Oxide
  Zodiaq countertops